Shivoham Ashram - A
Place to Experience your
Own Divinity

Sivoham is a non-profit organization founded to promote greater awareness and appreciation of the ancient wisdom teachings and practices of India in general and those of great Tirumoolar’s Sivayogam in particular.

Our mission is to help everyone experience the divinity of Lord Shiva’s presence within themselves through the Practice of Siva Yogam as taught by Tirumoolar few thousands years ago and through the path of Sariyai, Kriyai, Yogam and Gnanam (Sacred Service, Worship, Yoga, Study Meditation, and realization of Sivoham)  as advocated in the tradition of Saiva SIdhantam.

The Ashram is located off the main road at the south face of Arunachala in Tiruvannamalai and has branches Udupi, Karnataka, India,  Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA, and  Sydney Australia .



Ashram is a बाणलिङ्गम् Bana Linga Thirtham where you can perform pradakshina along the Holy Mantra March path in the consecrated presence of and around the 23 foot bana lingam and the 108 4ft Bana lingams.

Get Involved

Take time off from the daily stressful routines to come to the Ashram to relax and refresh and be spiritually charged to go back to your routines with renewed vigor and vitality and spiritual energy to be successful in all your endeavors.


Serve – there are many ways to serve. Taking Lord’s Blessings, be a Blessing. Be a part of service projects that make a difference in the quality of lives of local people from Annadhanam to medical/health camps. Please give generously of your time and resources.