This free 15-week training course will include education and training in:Theory and Practice of Yoga Nidra as a systematic method of inducing complete physical, mental and emotional relaxation through Pratyahara and Nyasa,Yoga Asana.

“Project Bana Lingam
The Jala Tatva of Narmada Basin Bana Lingam and The Agni Tatva of Arunachaleshwara at Tiruvannamalai creates a powerful spiritual energy field. Pradakshina performed around the 23 feet high Bana Lingam and the 108 Smaller (2 feet height) Banalingams.

The power of a place, the energy of the bana lingams, the dedication of the teachers, the commitment to spiritual practice, sacred rituals performed in the presence of Arunachala – all of this creates an environment where one’s efforts are blessed and progress on the path is achieved.”