Membership Benefits

The member will have lifetime access to Ashram and its facilities and attend all programs of Gurus on priority.

  • Priority and Discounted Registration for training Conducted by Swamiji or Swami Amma
  • Yoga and Meditation Retreats
  • Saiva Sidhanta and Tirumurai Camps
  • Tirumoolar’s Siva Yoga and Vasi Yoga Training Camps
  • Raise Your Children “Right” – Guidance Retreats for Couples
  • “Search Your Soul” -Awakening Spiritual Awareness for Senior Citizens
  • Summer Camps Training for Teenage Students Girls and Boys
  • Temple Tours and Teertha Yatra – Kailash, Char Dham, South Indian Siva Temples etc.
  • Live Healthy Clinics and Medical Check-up Camps – American Expertise applied to Indian Needs
  • Senior Citizen Health Camps
  • Live in Harmony with Nature : Ayurvedic Camps.

Names of donor member and spouse will be etched on granite slabs to be displayed at a suitable location in the Ashram.


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