Donation for Mega Banalingam (Upto 20 Sponsors only) One of the 108 Small Banalingam (Upto 108 Sponsors only)
Minimum Amount USD 1500/Rs.100,000 USD 500/Rs.35,000
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Bana Lingams are made out of the stones in the River Narmada bed and are very powerful Narmadeshwar Shivalingams. As per the Skanda Puran, Reva kand, Bana Lingam has the power of Shiva. The Shastras proclaim that the Bana Lingam when worshipped, is thousand times more effective than any other Lingam. By worshipping just one Bana Lingam, a devotee gets the benefits, that can be gained by worshipping thousdands of other Shiva lingas. The rare combination of Jala Tatva of Narmada Basin Bana Lingam and the Agni Tatva of the Arunachaleshwara at Tiruvannamalaicreates a powerful spiritual energy field. Mantra March : Even a single Pradakshina performed around the Main Bana Lingam (total height of 29 ft) and the 108 Smaller (4 feet height) Bana Lingams, while chanting the moola mantra of Lord Shiva will transform you, and your Life for better. Let us use this divine opportunity to sponsor the Bana Lingam to negate our accumulated karmic burdens, and get bestowed with success in all our enterprises  

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