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Sama Upakarma

September 8, 2021

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The learning of the Vedas begins in the month of Shraavana with a Upakarma and is temporarily terminated in Magha with an Utsarjana ritual, to be restarted in the next Shravan. However, it was found that six months in a year results in a very long period to complete the study of Vedas. In order to overcome this difficulty, Brahmins started skipping the Utsajana ritual and studied Vedas through all the months of the year. On this day, a Prayachittam is performed on two counts – to pardon the sin of learning Vedas in the prohibited period of the year and a general request to pardon all the sins committed by them during the year. Homams are held and Poonal, the sacred thread, is changed on this day.

The first step is a ‘prayashchita’, A prayer to atone the sins. It says, “For the removal of all my sins and thereby to secure a divine blessing and for qualifying myself to perform the essential duties of Brahmanas as prescribed in the vedas and smritis and adopted by the really good in their conduct I put on this Yagnopavita (the sacred thread, called poonool in Malayalam and Tamil)”. Then a new Yagnopavita is worn. When the thread is worn another mantra is recited which means -“I put on the sacred thread which is highly pure, is inseparable from God, is capable of prolonging life and is the foremost in the accomplishment of a Brahmana. May such pure Yagnopavita bring strength and dignity.”

While removing the old thread, the mantra means -“I remove with respect, the old broken thread by wear and tear, may the new one bring on long life and Brahmana’s brilliance.”


September 8, 2021
Welcome by Donation
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