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The Jala Tatva of Narmada Basin Bana Lingam and Arabic Ocean together are best combination of Spiritual energy that there could be… a confluence of divine energies. To perform pradakshina patha of the 23 feet high Bana Lingam is of immense spiritual help to the devotee.

Many people take vows to perform pradakshina rounds if their requests for divine help at the time of need are met. It is common to see Hindus perform 10, 108, or 1000 rounds after a successful surgery, after a wedding or after the birth of a child. Each step of a pradakshina is said to eliminate sins that a person had committed in his present and past lives

“yaani kaani cha paapaani janmanthara kruthaani cha taani taani vinashyanthi pradakshina pade pade”

Sins committed during innumerable past births are destroyed by each step taken during Pradakshina”

From the Rig Vedic verses Rig: 2.42.3 and 2.43.1

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