Acharya Swami Vijayand ji is a true blend of Vedanta, Siddhantha, Hinduism, Yoga and Physics. He is the founder of Adi Shankara Advaita Ashram, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the teaching and popularizing the ancient wisdom of India – Vedanta.

Swami Vijayanand Ji along with Swamini Divyananda has built “Bhujageswara Rudraksha Mandir”. This serene Shiva Temple is enshrined beneath two Rudraksha Trees and is an abode of peace and tranquility. Regular Shiva Pujas, Rudra Abishekams and Rudra Homams are conducted here under the guidance of Swami Vijayanand Ji. For the purpose of disseminating and preserving the vedic heritage and Saiva Sidhantam he has established two Ashrams in Inda. The Tiruvannamalai Tirumoolar Ashram- an abode of peace just on the outskirts of the holy city Tiruvannamalai in Tamil Nadu and Vasuki by the sea shore in Parampalli just north of Uduppi in Karantka.

Swami Vijayanand Ji is a graduate in Physics from Madurai University. His initial training in Yoga and Meditation was in 1976 with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in Rishikesh at the foothills of the Himalayas in India. During this time he was exposed to Vedic Studies, Vedanta and Hindu Rituals such as Rudra Abishekam and Rudra Homam.


Swami Vijayananda Saraswati

In the late 70s Swami Vijayanand Ji was the Director of Administration for MICI (Maharishi Institute of Creative Intelligence) for all of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s Meditation centers in India.Since 1985 Sri Swami Vijayanand Ji has been living in US and teaching free Yoga and Meditation classes for the last 33 years in Miami, Fort Lauderdale and Jacksonville areas.

He has also conducted many Rudra Abishekams, Rudra and Ganesha Homas for Temples in Fort Lauderdale and Fort Myers. He performed the consecration ceremonies for the Saneeshwara Temple in Fort Myers and the Mariamman Temple in Miami. He has also conducted workshops at Viswa Hindu Parishad camps and taught children and teenage students the values of Hinduism and how to do Pujas. He had organized many annual Bhagawath Geetha chanting competition for children at South Florida Hindu Temple. In 2016 July and again in July 2017 two years in a row, he completed kailash manosarovar yatra and did parikrama walking around the Kailash Mountain. Currently he is teaching online classes on Satha Rudriyam and related scriptures.

Feb 2018 Swami Vijayanada Ji was ordained into the Sanyasa Order by Swami Jyothirmayananda a direct disciple of Swami Shivananda Ji Maharaj of Divine Life Society Rishikesh. By Profession, Swamiji is a state of Florida Licensed Medical Health Physicist and was with the State of Florida Bureau of Radiation control as Health Physicist from 1995 till 2002. For the last 17 years he has been with 21st Century Oncology as a Medical Health Physicist and is part of an oncology team involved in delivering effective treatments for cancer patients.